DONATE to the artist - option of $5. increments

Item Description

Because you like my art or you want to hear more of my original music or you want to encourage my creative actions, you can make your donation here. If you want to donate more that this amount, you can change the item quantity in your cart accordingly...

There is three DONATE items options in this boutique section for $5., $50. or $500. increments and you can chose with the Item quantity number to mulitply this amount has you wish.

For example, if you have selected in your cart $50. donation Item  + item quantity: 3; You would then be donating $150.

Please be careful not to make mistakes here because no donations will be refunded after 72 hours of your transaction. Note that a $2. fee will be applied on full refunds. 

Tiawenhkowänenh, big thanks to you, it is greatly appreciated!!!

Shendaehwas Nathalie

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