Records of the past, reproductions of Southwestern rock arts, pendant by Shendaehwas

Item Description

Records of the past: these a reproductions of pictographs or petroglyphs of the greater Southwest in USA.

Fine silver artisan pendant on 16 inches leather cord.

All my artisan jewelry pieces are handcrafted in .999 fine silver. In most of my creations, I get my inspiration from and uses designs, symbols, themes from the Huron-wendat, iroquoian longhouse people, Native American Indian tribes from North America cultures and traditions, and also from Nature.

I make or mount all the leather cord necklaces, unless marked otherwise. I usually don't make the other stone necklaces or chains that are sold as a set with my pendants. Most of the time, I try to use solid .925 solid sterling silver for the little added parts like bails, chains, clasps, etc. when possible. Note that .999 fine silver is softer than .925 Sterling silver.

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