Shining Buffalo soul, artisan fine silver pendant with opal by Shendaehwas

Item Description

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Shining Buffalo Soul, honoring the buffalo and his return... Millions of buffalos have been killed in America to control and starve the Native people... Buffalos are sacred to Native people and we pray for their return. Beautiful animal, one I feel a close relationship with.


One of a kind fine silver pendant (1 1/2 inch x 1 3/4 inch) with beautiful natural solid Welo Ethiopian opal. Check pictures for different colors reflecting in this opal. On genuine dark brown leather cord (3mm, 19" long with magnetic clasp).

Ethiopian opals have the property to absord water if immersed in water and the color reflections will dissapear until the stone dries... They are also harder that Australian opal.

Note: take off pendant when changing clothes or putting on sweather, t-shirt, etc. to prevent magnetic clasp from opening and pendant falling.

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