How to plan a Native American Indian Flute & Culture Concert or Workshop in your area!

Allo, hi, kwe!!! My name is Nathalie Picard and my Huron-wendat name is Shendaehwas. I am from the turttle clan. I am a professionnal musician and I have been touring in Canada, USA and Europe for more than 30 years to give concerts and workshops on Native American Indian music & culture. I studied transverse flute at the Quebec city Conservatory and did my Baccalauréat degree in Jazz & pop music interpretation at University of Montreal, where I also studied Electroacoustic  music composition. I specialized in Cuban music and studied in Havana with maestro Richard Eguës from Orquesta Aragón. I played with different latin jazz formations of Montreal's jazz scene for more then 20 years. 

I am also a storyteller & composer and sing traditionnal Native American Indian songs with the drum, and my own original songs in my tribal language. Huron-wendat language was dormant for more than a century and is now being learned again in our community, thanks to our revitalization team & language teachers.

If you would like to plan a private concert at your house or in a small venue, or a public concert for your community's cultural event or a Festival in your in your area; or for your classroom, special business meetings,  tribal events, for someone's retirement party or for an elders home, for your group of friends or your association, etc., conctact me and we can talk about this. The Native flute is a very soothing instrument is appropriate for a public of all ages.

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