Listening through the wind, original instrumental music by Nathalie Picard


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Nathalie Picard on flute in latin jazz music with '' Yoël Diaz Cuban Jazz Session" group on CD Encuentros


Listen to this song with the bandI usedto play in Montreal for many year, Yoël Diaz Cuban Jazz Session!

You can listen to this entire album, Encuentros, on search for Encuentros par Yoel Diaz.


This is a Blog Post on Huron/Wendat language words...

Kwe skwaweti'! Ndio!

Ahskennon'nia iskwe's?

Shendaehwas yiatsih,


Wendat endi'

Yändia'wich iwayitiohkou'tenh.

Nathalie Picard à TAM sur APTN TV



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