This is a Blog Post on Huron/Wendat language words...

Kwe skwaweti'! Ndio!

Ahskennon'nia iskwe's?

Shendaehwas yiatsih,


Wendat endi'

Yändia'wich iwayitiohkou'tenh.

Something I like to share and talk about is our ancestral language, Wendat language. Since I am also involved in our tribal language revitalization process as a language teacher, singer and storyteller, I like to give Wendat (Huron like the French called us) name to my pieces in order to keep our language alive. Huron-wendat language was in dormancy in the last 100 years in the old manuscripts but now it has become alive again among our community for the last 8-10 years.

So I thought I could share here the translation of the wendat words that you will find on this website. I will also include here a lot of French, of course,  because, in result of our ancestral alliance with the French in the 17th century,  it has become our first language and I so was raised in French...

I need to give my thanks and the credit for the validation and reconstruction of all our language words that we are using again today in the revitalization process to our amazing and talented linguist, Megan Lukaniec, and, she is also Wendat too, how cool is that!

1. ohwihsta' ; metal. argent, écaille de poisson, (qui brille comme) / metal, money, fish scale (that shines)

2. oskënonton' chia' yashàtaen' : chevreuil et brume, deer and the fog





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Félicitations Shendaehwas pour ce nouveau site, et cette extension de tes talents: musicienne, prof. de wendat, artisane, photographe et maintenant boutiquière en ligne :-)
Sincèrement, je suis heureux de constater que tout semble te réussir dans ta nouvelle vie américaine.

Allo Nathalie! J'en reviens

Allo Nathalie!
J'en reviens pas!
Tu fais des bijoux maintenant? Incroyable querida amiga ! T
u es une fontaine de créativité ma belle amie wendat!
Je te souhaite plein de belles idées et une abondance sans limites! Miguesh!
Je t'embrasse fort!
;-) Maïté XXX

kahahchia'! Nathalie

kahahchia'! Nathalie. Ton siteweb est vraiment beau et les produits d'art offerts sont de très belle qualité. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès dans votre nouvelle entreprise.
Mireille Siouï

Tiawenhk mes amis, pour vos

Tiawenhk mes amis, pour vos beaux commentaires!!! j'apprécie!

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