Wake up and dream... ACTIVE DREAMING workshops with the Native American Indian flute & drum!

Ndio! I come from the longhouse people, who had an ancestral way of dreaming that is now being taught around mother earth. I am a conscious dreamer from Island woman's original tribe, the Huron-wendat people. You can find out more about her and active dreaming in the book "Dreamways of the Iroquois" by Robert Moss. I've been DREAMING all my life... Active-lucid-conscious dreaming was a fondamental part of the Huron-wendat culture and our ancestral way of life...

Since I moved to USA, I've attended many of Robert's wonderful workshops and completed his Dream Teacher training (Levels 1-2-3) at the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming in Washington State in 2017.

I am offering different workshops & concerts like "Introduction to Active Dreaming with the Native American Indian drum and flute",  "Creative Dreaming for artists & professional creaters", etc., "Native American Indian music & culture concerts" in solo or in duet with my husband Dennis-dg Hatch, Chippewa flute maker & artist. We also offer '' house concert" if you have a specific group that would like to experience the magic of the Native American Indian Flute!

If you are interested to experience my work & music in your area please contact me by clicking on Contact in the footer menu.

I also give interactive workshops for kids on Storytelling, dreaming and music improvisation & Native American Indian culture... 

My first language is French but I also give workshops in English.


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Active dreaming classes on the Oregon Coast with Shendaehwas!

Just finished teaching my first Active Dreaming class in Oregon with the most wonderful group! Can't wait to see what's next!

Wonderful Experience!

Shendaehwas (Nathalie) was an amazing teacher, and I loved the class. The drumming, the flute, the dreaming...all of it is something I will not forget.

The other people in the class were wonderful, and the shared memories and friendships will not be forgotten.

I highly recommend this, especially if you are interested in Native American/First Nations spirituality, or the power of dreaming.

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